dC2 :do Forno's Corn Crew
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We provide free transportation to the first field of the day and from the last field of the day back home to the same location. Alternatively you can provide your own method of transportation.
Please follow @corndetasseling on Twitter to receive announcements of the departure time of the buses from the last field of the day.

Bus Stops: Times & Locations

City Location
Point Edward Wight's Bus Lines 520 Front Street(6:30 am) - Canceled
Sarnia Northern High School, 940 Michigan Ave.(6:45 am).
Sarnia St. Patrick's Catholic High School, 1001 The Rapids Parkway.(6:50 am) - Canceled
Sarnia Great Lakes S. School parking lot on 340 Murphy Rd. (6:55 am)
Corunna Hill St. and Lyndoch next to the LCBO store (7:15 am).
Chatham Mc Donalds on St. Clair St. Parking lot as you enter from McNaughton Ave E. (7:30 am)

Map of Bus Stops and sample of Field Locations