dC2 :do Forno's Corn Crew
... come work with the best!

August 11th, 2021
Paycheques were mailed early this afternoon. Thanks again TEAM!

August 7th, 2021
Lots of fun at the beach party. I was very pleased with the turn out. Congratulations to all the draw winners. We are working on getting out the paycheques this coming week. Cheque back for updates.

August 1st, 2021
Beach party in Sarnia at Canatera Park Monday Aug 2nd from 1 to 5 pm. Food and drinks will be provided. Please bring a soccer ball and a football if you have one.
If anyone from Chatham needs a ride, you can come with us. We will leave McD parking lot by 11:30 am

July 31st 2021
All fields passed. THANK YOU TEAM !! More details to follow in regards to the beach party.

July 30th 2021
No work Saturday or Sunday. Waiting on word from Corteva on pass/fail count. If all fields pass then we party on Monday August 2nd if they do not pass then we work on Monday. Please check often for updates.

July 29th 2021
No work Thursday back to work on Friday July 30th.

July 14th 2021
No work Thursday back to work on Friday July 16th.

July 9th 2021
No work Saturday back to work on Sunday. Back to normal pick up times. Please review the times by clicking on the tab "Requirements & Pick Up Locations".

July 7th 2021
Additional emails went out this evening to add to the starting crew. Please check your in box and spam folder of your email and make sure to respond back.

July 7th 2021
Please get vaccinated if you can before Friday. There are some walking in clinics if you are 12 years or older.

July 6th 2021
Phone calls and emails went out to the starting crew. Please make sure you answer your email otherwise we we select another candidate for your position. You need to do this by Wednesday July 7th at 7 pm via email info@corndetasseling.ca. If you did not get a call and/or email does not mean you are not on the crew. We will be calling other candidates as the season progress.

July 6th 2021
We are starting work Friday July 9th. More details to follow. An email and phone call will go out later on today to the starting crew.

June 30th 2021
We are starting work some where between July 7th and July 10th depending on weather. Latest update from Corteva

June 29th 2021
Here is the link to Wednesday mandatory Zoom meeting if you did not receive an invite.


If you are not able to click on it just copy the above line and paste on to your browser. Meeting ID: 882 8750 6187 Passcode: 761621

June 28th 2021
A telephone call went out to all that applied to work for us reminding everyone of the mandatory Zoom meeting on Tuesday June 29th and Wednesday June 30th starting a 2 pm.

June 25th 2021
Mandatory Zoom meeting invitations for next week June 29th and 30th starting a 2 pm were emailed out early this afternoon. You only need to attend one meeting. The information is the same both meetings. Please let us know which meeting you will be attending.

June 22nd 2021
Mandatory Zoom meeting coming up next week June 29th and 30th early afternoon time frame. You only need to attend one meeting. The information is the same both meetings. More details to follow.

June 22nd 2021
Starting depending on weather will be around the beginning of the 2nd week in July. Will update as time changes.

May 31st 2021
Please get vaccinated. Contact your local public health unit to see when you are able to get your vaccination against Covid-19.

April 30th 2021
It's that time of year again to sign up for the 2021 corndetasseling season. We are currently taking applications . Please go to "Join The Team" tab and sign up.

January 31st, 2021
Stay Safe !!! LOVE THIS VIDEO !

January 23rd, 2021
All T4 slips for 2020 were emailed out today. Let us know if you did not get yours.
Thank You for a great 2020 Season!

August 13th, 2020
Cheques were put in the mail this morning. If you do not receive one by mid next week please let us know.
Once again Thank You TEAM !