dC2 :do Forno's Corn Crew
... come work with the best!

We are one of the best private corn detasseling contractors in Canada. Our family operated company has been in the corn detasseling business for over forty years. We employ hundreds of students from across South Western Ontario and we hope that you will have a successful and rewarding season with us.

Why and When do we detassel ?

All fields are planted with two strains of corn. Hybrid seed is produced when one strain is crossed with another. Tassels must be removed from one strain so that only cross pollination can occur. Unless tassels are removed before they shed pollen, contamination of the seed field will occur. Therefore, the work must be done carefully and on time.

We usually start work in the second week of July and work for three to four weeks. Depending how much moister and heat we receive it will dictate if we start earlier or later. We work seven days a week.

If you are interested in joining the TEAM for this year's season please fill out this form

Hope to see you.


Former Team Members

Working for the do Forno corn crew was a fantastic work experience. Corn detassling for the do Fornos helped me develop a strong work ethic, great communication skills and the ability to work as a team. While working for the do Fornos I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. With the do Fornos we worked hard and played hard and were rewarded for all of our efforts.
- Megan Clarke, C. A.

So what to say about one of the best summer jobs I have ever had? Well first off a little manual labour is a good thing, (Remember the day the mud was waist deep?) But if u can get past that.. (how hard is walking up and down corn fields) the friends I met were great. We spent many of years driving back and forth from Chatham and Corunna keeping the corn crew alive lol. AS for Dom, Kate, and Eoin the best employers I have ever had. They bring a sense of family to the crew, yes they push you some days but in the end the commrotery you develop is awesome. I worked for do Fornos for 4 summers, and on my 5th decided to come back for a visit for a day, and to this day know I am welcome back anytime. If I still lived in Ontario I would defiantly come back for yet another summer. AND to anyone who may read this that I use to work with HOWS it going I miss all of ya. We need a reunion or something I would def travel back to Ontario for it. So for all you possible detasslers I started when I was 13 and never regretted it, the money is good, the experience is great and the crew (bosses and co workers) are amazing
- Brent Everett